We are an espresso machine and grinder service & repair specialist based in Selangor.

We provide diagnosis, troubleshooting and part replacement services for commercial espresso machines and grinders. Our technicians are able to consult on-site and provide relevant solutions for your coffee making equipment.

Common problems faced by cafe operators:
– Machine unable to start up
– Machine water unable to heat up or not hot enough
– Machine is turned on but there is no steam
– Machine able to brew but espresso not tasting right
– Steam pressure is up but no steam is coming out
– Weird noises coming out from the machine
– Grinder burr stuck or unable to grind
– Grinder unable to grind fine enough

Coffee Machine Repair Malaysia
Coffee Machine Repair Malaysia


We import and store coffee machine and grinder spare parts. Our spare parts are suitable for most European brands.

Our spare parts include:
– Motor
– Pump
– Solenoid valves
– Flowmeter
– Main board/dosing device
– Button panel
– Heating element
– Pressure switch

Coffee Machine & Grinder Repair & Service

Our in-house technicians provide on-site repair and maintenance services for your espresso machines and grinders. Spare parts are readily available.

Coffee Machine Breakdown

Coffee Machine General Cleaning

Group Head Leaking

Steam Wand Clogged

Grinder Cleaning

Grinder Burr Replacement

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