Difference Between Arabica And Robusta

Many people do not know that there are difference between Arabica and Robusta. Here are some of the explanation:

Arabica trees are particular with their growing conditions then Robusta trees. Therefore, Arabica trees usually thrive in a smaller range of growing environments. They are more defenseless against diseases and pests than Robusta and requires the use of expensive fertilizers and pesticides. And so, Arabica beans are costly than Robusta.

The visual appearance of both beans can be differentiated easily as it has an obvious difference at the beans. Arabica beans are in oval shape and have a curved slit. Robusta beans are more rounded and smaller in shape with straight slit.

In gene form, the Arabica beans have four sets of chromosomes and Robusta beans have two.

What are the difference between Arabica and Robusta?



As most of the people knows, Robusta has more burnt tires or rubbery taste.



Robusta beans have approximately twice the caffeine than Arabica beans. It might sounds positive, but the caffeine carries a bitter taste which it will makes the coffee became unpleasant drink.( About Caffeine )


Lipid and Sugar Content.

Arabica contains around 60% lipids and nearly twice concentration of sugar than Robusta. This is the reason why people prefer the taste of Arabica.



In the market, the price of Arabica is costly than the Robusta.


Plant Height

Arabica: 2.5 to 4.5 meters
Robusta: 4.5 to 6 meters


Chlorogenic Acid Content (CGA):

There is something that is part of a coffee which is CGA. It is a significant antioxidant and insect deterrent.

Arabica is 5.5 to 8% CGA
Robusta is 7-10% CGA



In the world, there are around 75% of Arabica produced and 25% of it are Robusta. Brazil is the significant producer of Arabica and Vietnam produces Robusta.


Why Arabica is better than Robusta?

The cupping quality of arabica is usually considered to be better than robusta coffee. However, cost and quality varies with each type. There are some Robusta that has higher prices than some arabicas which is from the African west coast countries as it has good quality of Robusta.

Arabicas can be used alone or blend with other Arabicas or Robusta. While Robusta commonly only used in blends. But most of the roasters would not think of adding robusta into their blend. Some consumers preferred a little of Robusta because it gives a more robust flavor. It can also contribute to the amount of crema produced in the beverage.