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ORIGIN: Huehuetenango region, Guatemala
ALTITUDE: 1,350 metres above sea level
TASTE NOTE: Mild acidity, dried fruits, dark chocolate, solid body, lingering aftertaste

ORIGIN: Sumatra island, Indonesia
ALTITUDE: 750 – 1,500 metres above sea level
PROCESS: Wet hulled
TASTE NOTE: Mild acidity, herbal, earthy, woody, rich body, long-lasting aftertaste

ORIGIN: Cerrado region, Brazil
ALTITUDE: 800 – 1,350 metres above sea level
PROCESS: Pulped natural
TASTE NOTE: Low acidity, nutty, sweet, medium body, smooth aftertaste

Origin: Tarrazu region, Costa Rica
Altitude: 1,200 metres above sea level
Process: Honey
Taste Note: Prune, stone fruit, mango, caramelized almond finishing

Fresh Beans

In-house roasted coffee beans, ground and packed fresh at our roastery.


100% natural coffee without additives, packed with enzymes and anti-oxidants.


Easy brewing to let you enjoy a real cup of premium coffee conveniently

Steps of Brewing