Grenadine Pomegranate

True Grenadine syrup crafted with pure pomegranate juice. delivers a perfect balance of tangy and bittersweet notes with an intense red colour, making it a must-have for drink makers.





Like the original
Grenadine, made in
single batches with
pure pomogranate juice
and natural extracts.

Most authentic
grenadine syrup in the
market. Ideal for quality
drink making.


Mixologist preferred
intense red colour.
Tangy and bittersweet
taste adds complexity
and depth.

Real fruit juice and 
natural extracts
provide depth of
flavour and balance.


Enables drink makers to
create high quality
premium tasting drinks
by leveraging the true
grenadine flavour.

Elevates the appearance
of drinks with a true
Grenadine colour.